Workflow Overview
Stages of our standard workflow for all advertisements are:

Step 1- Contact your sales rep., confirming all pricing (click here for Rate Card), positioning, deadlines, payment (pay online to the right), etc.

Step 2- Complete and email or fax us your insertion order/contract form. (Send email to Linda Montgomery <> or fax to 386-439-4446).

Step 3- Submit all "Plate Ready" composed ad files or original artwork with instructions for our design dept. (see templates provided below for your use in composing layout). Also send us your final event schedule for inclusion in your ad and/or to be highlighted in our Schedule of Events section of the book. Please include all of your contact info. and a valid email address for us to send your final digital ad proof to. You can send via FTP (preferred) or as an email attachment.

Step 4- Regardless of origin, we will email you a final digital ad proof in low resolution PDF format for your required final approval. (*NOTE: Ads that are received past our scheduled ad material receipt deadline may or may not have a confirming proof sent to you for final approval, as print deadline may not allow for the extra time. To make sure your ad goes smoothly, PLEASE see and stick to our deadlines so that we can provide you the best results).

Step 5- If required, will we make revisions to your ad after your review until you are happy with the results (as deadline allows). You may or may not be charged additional design time for ads that go more that two revision cycles (see your sales rep.).

Step 6- Your final approved ad and event schedule are finalized and locked into publication.

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Ad Material Specifications and Templates
All customer supplied ad material must meet the following specs:

1- Color Space, all images should be in CMYK format.

2- Resolution, 300 - 400dpi at full size (if sending "loose art", try to get originals slightly larger in physical size as they will be used in the ad to get good quality, minimize file size and save you time transmitting).

3-Formats, We accept the following file formats, (we are on a Macintosh workflow, please gear your files to compatibility):

High resolution PDF (preferred), JPG or EPS. (We also accept "layered Adobe Photoshop files", Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign docs.)

*NOTE ON FORMATS: If you wish for us to be able to edit/update your ad , please supply in either InDesign or Layered Photoshop file format. Also include all placed graphics and all fonts used. Design time required to make your requested modifications may or may not incur additional costs.

4- Standard Ad Sizes, specs and downloadable layout templates are listed below:

Ad Size
Trim Size
(W X H)
Bleed Size
(W X H)
Live Area
(W X H)
*Rht-click (Win) or Opt-click (Mac) to download.
Full Page
Full Bleed
3.5" X 6.5"
3.75" X 6.75"
3" X 6"
Half Page
3" X 2.875"
Quarter Page
(aka Bus. Card)
3" X 1.4375"
2 Page Spread
Full Bleed
7" X 6.5"
7.25" X 6.75"
6.5" X 6"
2 Page
6.5" X 5.75"

NOTES: *N/A = Not Applicable. *For full bleed, always add 1/8" to trim size all the way around. *On pages that spread across the spine, avoid having elements such as body copy, phone numbers, web addresses, etc. (important to be readable) from crossing over the spine, as a slight misalignment of pages at the bindery often happens. *All PSD and InDesign templates are compressed into .zip files and you will need to decompress before attempting to use.
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Sending Digital Art Files or Hard Copy Originals

Please send all artwork to Files should be in jpeg, PDF, or .psd format at 300dpi or higher. Layered files preferred.

Follow this link to upload ad's and artwork for larger files.

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This area of the web site is provided for advertisers in the Biker's Pocket Guide Issues. Here you will find all of the details of our standards for giving you a high level of service and superior design, while helping to insure the accurate print reproduction of your supplied ad material, contact information and event schedules.

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Terms and Conditions:

1. Publisher reserves the right to position sales messages in each issue according to design space.

2. All advertisements are subject to the publisherís approval. Publisher reserves the right to reject messages or advertisements not in keeping with publicationís standards.

3. The publisher assumes no liability for errors or omissions in supplied or composed advertisement material.

4. Publisher will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on any order form, insertion order or contract when they conflict with the terms and conditions herein or any amendment hereto.

5. Requests for specific position are not guaranteed unless premium position is paid.

6. Prices are subject to change.

7. Color proof must be supplied with advertising materials.

8. The publisher's liability for any error will not exceed the charge for the advertising in question.

9. Payment terms are net 15 days. Overdue accounts may be charged a 1.5 percent per month finance charge or the maximum legal rate of interest allowed by law for all past-due invoices.

10. Verbal agreements are not recognized.

11. No cancellations will be accepted after the Ad Due Date.

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